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  • 06/30/17--00:09: Advice Needed!
  • My daughter’s car (SEAT 1.2 Ibiza 02 reg) is very poorly. Have had it X-Rayed at the car doctor and the diagnosis is terminal (very nasty sound from the engine and it stalls).

     So ………. Did my fatherly thing and went on Auto Trader to source a car at the cheaper end of the market - circa £3000 - £3500. Found THREE potentially good cars with low mileage ……..BUT ……….. she does not like them!

     “Granny Cars!” was her reply when I showed her a lovely Corolla!

     She wants to buy a 1.4 Polo, but that vintage suffers from bore wear and is from the same stable as SEAT.

     I found a couple of good Honda Jazz cars ………. “No! Don’t like them!”

     She is 31 with her own house and very sensible ……….BUT ………. How do you persuade someone, who is not flush with money (though the bank of Mum and Dad will be helping!) to buy something reliable?

     Have you guys had a similar experience with your offspring?

     Did you manage to persuade them to buy the “right” car?

     Does anyone have any suggestions? Persuasive arguments or possible cars she might like?

     Trying hard to steer her towards Japanese derived cars.

     My concern is that it will be a case of STYLE over SUBSTANCE!

     Help please, from a frustrated father!



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  • 06/30/17--12:35: Calling Mods
  • I have recently bought another Lexus and would like some info.

    My problem is I have a new email address and my old one is defunct.

    How do I change my details as I cannot find it on edit profile.


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    As well as this forum, I also subscribe to the Pistonheads forum.  I noticed that many makes of car are covered, but there is not a separate forum for Lexus.  When I raised this on Pistonheads I was in formed that Lexus was lumped together with other 'Jap' brands.

    It would be useful to have a single point on Pistonheads where all Lexus posts were gathered in one spot.

    If you think that Lexus is worth some recognition on Pistonheads as a major brand of quality, perhaps you could find time to post there, and add some support to my request?

    The link is to be found if you click here.

    This forum remains the premiere forum for Lexus cars in the UK, but Lexus cars are distinctly under-represented on Pistonheads, and it would be good to raise brand awareness amongst the Pistonheads community.


    Thank you.

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  • 07/03/17--04:36: Provisional Cat A
  • Hello All,

    I was looking for bike, mainly for commuting because government has simply abandoned roads and traffic jams just getting bigger every day, yet they are very happy to collect VED and Fuel duties as they little piggy bank (£20bn/year of money use for everything but roads).

    Anyways.... I have Cat A on my license with code 79(3), which apparently means it is provisional (and or tricycles.. what the hell DVLA!). Now because I never rode a bike on certain category I have no clue what is may way of making that to Full Cat A. I know how to ride a bike, but just never took any formal training and never had any category. This thing of having Cat A in license really confuses me.

    So from what I gathered I need to get CBT, but hat doesn't change anything in terms of the Cat A. And what then - take full Cat A exam? As far as I understand I have "direct path" to get A as I am 27 and don't need to meet prerequisite of 2 years on either A1 or A2. In which case I have the question - what is the point of DVLA putting that Cat A on my license and what is the difference between having no Cat and provisional Cat A if the way of riding is still the same CBT+Exam?

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    Hi - this is my first project car so i'm a total newbie to mechanics. We've swapped the alternator and are currently in the process of putting the car back together but cannot figure out what is supposed to be connected to this copper/bronze looking pipe that is next to the radiator *****. Whenever the engine is started it starts squirting an oily looking substance out of it



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    The nearest Lexus dealers to Oxford I think are Reading and Milton Keynes. Anything known about either of these?


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    Being a skinflint, and with my GS300h overdue a service (it's on 43k now and not had one for about 16k miles) because cash has been tight, I was wondering whether there were any independent Lexus garages around Stockport who can do a decent job? It seems to be such a complex vehicle that I'm not sure I would entrust it to a run-of-the-mill local garage.

    I was spoilt for choice with my Mercedes which I had prior to the Lexus but Googling doesn't seem to bring any joy for independent Lexus specialists.

    Do I just have to stump up the cash?!

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    When I was finalising the contract for my CT 200h, I decided to do another test drive in the car I was about to sign for. However it was at the workshop because they were making it ready (I had already put down the reservation fee).

    So the salesman offered to drive his car, which was same spec (F-Sport) but a 2016 model instead of a 2014 that I bought.

    It is a Lexus franchise and the car is Lexus approved so I was not really worried. I already sat in the actual car I am getting.

    I did the test drive in his company car. Then I learnt that the salespeople get to drive a new car at regular interval; once it is time to switch, the car they've been driving goes on the sales floor.

    I am somewhat puzzled.

    Why putting new cars through this regime? Do slightly used cars sell much better than new?

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  • 07/12/17--09:20: Lexus Servicing
  • Just been reading a post from a new member looking at independent servicing for a Lexus SC430 and I was going to suggest Lexus as they offer the cheaper servicing packages on vehicles over 5 years old but then I read what they actually do for a "minor" and "major" service and it would appear that it is just the engine oil and filter that is actually replaced the rest of the service consists of "checks" which should an addition component, say the diff needs topping up is an additional cost to the service price.

    So basically you pay between £155 and £475 for an oil and filter change and checks on everything else.

    Take the car to an over zealous MOT station and have the same checks done for a mere £50.00 




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  • 07/14/17--11:57: Fitted Nextbase 402G
  • Fitted my Nextbase 402g, which I bought over a year ago  into my 3RX last weekend.  Nextbase have been a Which magazine recommendation for a few years, which gave me confidence when I was buying it (great price from Costco).  I'm mechanically aware and have done jobs on previous cars and I've got good attention to details but when it comes to the Lexus and that beautifully fitted interior I'm definitely risk averse hence the delay! 

    Eventually I gave it a go and many thanks to those members who've provided info over the last year on how to fit it; you were so helpful (as always with this brilliant forum).  Given all your very positive comments about how easy it was I must admit I asked myself why didn't I give it a go earlier.  It was exceptionally easy; the longest part was getting it out of the box and deciding exactly where to position it!   It's not the smallest unit but it's well hidden by the mirror so not obtrusive.

    Having decided where the mount is going start tucking in the cable (leaving enough to connect to the camera).  The cable tucks neatly and easily under the headlining and then down the A pillar.  The edge where the pillar meets the headlining is the only place that could be described as slightly tricky as this is the only bit where the liner doesn't fall readily back in place but a bit of very gentle persuasion and it's back. 

    Down the A pillar is easy and then I fed it round the edge of the dash next to the small quarter light using a small self adhesive cable clip to hold it up against the edge; clip courtesy of the previous owner who had left it fixed on the lower dash:-).  I tucked it in down the inside edge of the door rubber then round the edge of the carpet and along the back of the foot well (tucking it under the carpet).  Then back along the centre console tucking it between the carpet and console and then up to the 12v.  Cam works perfectly and the quality of the image is excellent. .

    Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the fitting.  I only thought about it after I'd fitted it and there was no way I was going to chance doing it again.

    One final tip.  Don't do this with the sun shining directly through the screen unless you really like saunas; it gets very hot in the cabin as I soon found out!

    Next task will be to look at hard wiring it.  On that subject is there a fuse box inside the cabin and if so where have they hidden it?

    If you're still members in a year's time I might even be posting how I hard wired a dash cam!!!!!

    Finally has anybody fitted a rear facing cam in a 3RX; if so what make and how did you do it.


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  • 07/15/17--12:39: Baby gets new wheels

    Been awhile I have been here but just thought I would post again. Got a like for like set of wheels and makes a difference






    Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk





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    I've a 2015 IS 300h which has 13k on it.

    It's due the second annual service and Lexus are quoting £445, which I guess I can't be entirely surprised at as it's the price on the website but it still feels a lot for what appears to be a ton of inspection/check items.

    There don't seem to be any Lexus independents and of 3 dealerships I've contacted only one (the one I purchased the vehicle from) has bothered to reply which was slightly disappointing too.

    Any thoughts or deals I may have missed on whether the service cost can be lowered or is it a simple case of it is what it is?

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